We went to Salado, TX for the 2nd weekend of their Christmas Stroll. Cousett thought she was going for a nice relaxing time now that classes were over and we were starting the Winter break. Ryan had other plans.

On Saturday morning Cousett found a little brown package waiting. Inside was a cork from our first date and a note with Ryan’s memories of that night. Then at breakfast another brown package arrived with her meal with another memento from our past. At noon we went to blow glass Christmas ornaments at Salado Glassworks, where Cousett blew a “perfect” ornament according to the artist who helped her. After that we had lunch at the Stagecoach Inn, a quaint B&B based in an old stagecoach station. Cousett found yet another plain brown package with yet another memento waiting for her at the car after lunch.

After an afternoon of Christmas shopping for family in the boutique shops scattered across the town Ryan and Cousett went to get ready for dinner. When Cousett was getting ready she found the fourth brown paper package waiting for her. This one was a pin from their trip to Austin City Limits when she wore a breathtaking red dress that left Ryan fumbling for words. After rushing out to give Ryan a hug, Cousett turned around to see a new black dress hanging for her to wear. Ryan and Cousett’s mom had been shopping for dresses for this evening for the past couple weeks. Cousett had even worn this exact dress when her mom slipped it into a bunch of dresses she was trying on while shopping one night.


We left a couple hours before dinner, as Cousett thought we were going to walk through the lights along Main Street hung for the Christmas Stroll. Ryan had been talking all day about a chapel there in town that was supposed to be beautiful at night. They showed up at the chapel, with Ryan a bit frantic and not completely coherent. Cousett walked into the chapel wearing a puffy warm jacket. For some reason, Ryan had his coat over his arm and was holding it closely. When they walked into the chapel Ryan wasn’t thinking clearly and for some reason decided Cousett needed to take her coat off. He had to practically beg her to get rid of it; we were only going to be in the chapel for a few minutes and there didn’t seem to be a need for Cousett to take it off.

We walked around the chapel some and, when near the altar, Ryan pulled out the last brown package. Cousett sat down to open the wrapped cork from their last trip to Salado when Ryan sat down beside her with his hand oddly in his coat pocket. When Cousett got done reading the note with the cork, Ryan slipped onto one knee between the pews and stammered out something along the lines of

IMG_2850Cousett Kaitlin Ruelas,
will you marry me?

And the rest, well that story is still unfolding.


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